The Deck Monster

It all started last summer... we wanted a way to beat the heat and enjoy our back porch. We started with this:

Then did this:

I thought we were done here:

Again I made some changes and had this:

Most recently we added even more wood and stain to help camo the ugly underside of the deck monster.

The last thing we will do is add some lattice to the stairs to conceal the dirt and weeds under there too. I hate lattice, but it is cheap and I'm going to find a sun lovin vines to creep and crawl all over it! Plants make me happy...

Weren't here to get all the details during the big build? Go here to see it all go down!


  1. Wow! It looks amazing! Wanna come do my house?

  2. How is that Lattice...its just slats correct!

  3. What size & kind wood slats did you use horizontally to cover the underneath?
    Thanks! Great job!

  4. Hi am wondering what your stain color is that you used? This looks really amazing


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