Happy Dance!

Here is our NEW and IMPROVED back porch with pergola in all its glory...

It has been a long labor of love that included 5 days of staining, 2 days of construction, 1 day of sewing and 1 day of landscaping. But it was all worth it when our 4th of July guests enjoyed the extra shade and comfy spot to eat and mingle.

I still would like to add some greenery on the porch and Erik hopes to get a couple benches made for extra seating. But all in all, it wasn't a difficult project, just a time consuming one. Remember what it looked like...


{ So hot and sunny...}


All of it was necessary to achieve the amazing after:

Thank you to everyone who helped it all come together!!

I'll have an easy as pie tutorial to show you how I whipped up those awesome outdoor curtains so easily!


  1. Congratulations! I still can't believe you did all this work yourselves. I really love the shade of stain and with those fab white curtains, it looks fantastic! I'd be doing a happy dance too although after all that work, I'd probably be too tired so I'd settle for putting my feet up and enjoying that space for the rest of the summer.Well done!

  2. We are absolutely relaxing and enjoying it now! But I'm sure that I'll have a new project on my list very soon, it's the only way I know how to function :)

  3. Oh wow, you've done a great job! It looks really amazing :)

  4. Love the pergola- Did you guys do all the measuring/cutting yourselves or was it a kit? Would love to see a tutorial on building one of these!! Looks awesome!


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