Gravy on Sundays

Sunday mornings have been marked by warm gravy with biscuits lately. Erik and I are trying to recreate one of our favorite weekend pastimes at the house- enjoying a yummy breakfast together. We used to get up and go out to one of our favorite spots to enjoy a late breakfast, but we have been trying to watch our pennies so making breakfast in-house has become our new tradition.

In the past we would do the usual muffins with fruit for me, and eggs and sausage for Erik. But the past two weekends have brought biscuits with white gravy. Holy goodness.

Going out and letting others cook our breakfast, on average, would cost us about $15-$20 with tip. Now a trip to the grocery store for biscuits for 3 breakfasts, gravy, OJ, and eggs runs about $10. Pretty nice, and the biggest bonus, we don't have to get dressed!!

So tell me, what is your favorite weekend tradition?


  1. BB(Before Baby) we used to go out for some morning cappuccino in the sun and a load of sunday's press. Oh boy...what a plesure to just sit and read and say hello to passing-by friends...I mean for hours and hours...
    Now, we usually make breakfast for 3 and enjoy it at home. The big difference is that the press is now read while a SpongeBob dvd is playing in the backround (you know...for some quiet time by the little guy...!)

  2. We go to church on Sunday mornings and then head home for some good ol' family time on the sofa! We watch football this time of year or a good movie (when there's no sports.) We love to make a good ol' southern Sunday night dinner. It's a great way to finish out the weekend!

  3. I think Sunday should be the one day your and your family share together. With our hectic lives it's one day to savor at home.

  4. I hear you ladies, it's all about the R&R on Sundays for us too.


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