DIY: Recipe Cards

I purchased this 3 ring Recipe book at Border's a million years ago.

I love the simple design of it. However the lined paper for your handwritten recipes was less than desirable. So I came up with my own DIY recipe cards on Microsoft Word.

I made them to fit 1/2 sheet of a standard printer paper, so I can get 2 per page. I spent Sunday afternoon retyping my recipes to fit into the new template. This helped me to have all my favorites orderly and neatly presented, but it also has the added bonus of having them all saved on my computer = easy access, so when a friend loves one of my creations I can easy email it to them!

One more thing off the never-ending To Do list. Actually there may be 100 more things, check back for details...


Surprise Dinner Party

Saturday was spent in the dirt. That has been a common occurrence in these parts lately. It is just too darn nice out to be inside, so if that means I have dirt under my nails than so be it. After I spent time tending to the weeds, planting some more herbs:

{ Rosemary }

{ Ours on the left, Graham's on the right }

and helping Erik build the structure for the veggie garden, the neighbors and I decided that a patio dinner was a must do. So I buzzed around the house cleaning and picking up to make sure all was tidy for our impromptu dinner guests.

I used some of my beautiful geraniums and snowball blooms to decorate the porch tables. We had delicious kabobs, asparagus, potatoes, and an amazing blueberry cobbler, a BYODinner courtesy of my awesome neighbors and lovely sister. We ended the night with a little Wii bowling, to which I can proudly announce, I RULE.

It was a great night.


Fighting the Rut

I have to be honest, I haven't been in the best blogging or creative mood lately. My dear hubby has been busting his tail at work, and the students and I have been longing for Spring Break and now that it is finally here I just tuckered out. I don't want to do anything, and when I feel like I have to do something it makes it even less desirable. However, I have decided that I must power through. I want to be able to stay home with my future family one day, so I better stop being lazy and start getting busy! After a fun afternoon with my favorite little lady and her awesome mama, I came home and started working! I will be adding this Ruffle Cluster Clip to the shop momentarily.

Also my itty bitty clips will soon be sold in groups of 2! They are the tiniest things, perfect for the cute girlies in your life! I hope all is well, thanks for sticking in there with me...


The Hostas are coming!

I love perennials! It is so fun to see my spouts pop up after a long winter. The hostas are making their entrance this week. They shoot up in little tubes, beginning with a beautiful eggplant color and then turninig to their varigated green. I separated these last summer so I can't wait to see how they fill in this year.

Shouts to Homemade Grits for featuring another star of my front garden on her site today :)