Etsy Changes

{ New shop Name and Logo }

I have been absent from my little blog due to mad crafting! I was presented with an awesome opportunity to have my headbands be a part of an awesome craft event held by Thread & Canvas. They are hosting a boutique sale here in Atlanta this weekend. With that said I had to do some soul searching and really pin down my personal style went it comes to my designs. I have seen lots of inspiration from friends and other crafters on Etsy. So I have developed my designs and have become a master of the yo-yo.

{Multi YoYo with Maroon Felt}

With inventory up, my new shop is ready for shopping! My awesome sister gave me a new graphic logo and I am set to go! Come by and visit ( and you can preview the new duds on my side bar! ) Thanks for your patience and sticking with me during my quiet times.



Weekend Sewing

I bought a fabulous headband from Anthropologie a while back and was more enamored by the wonderful cloth bag it came in. Anthro is super overpriced- according to me b/c I'm a cheapie- but little accents like a fabric bag instead of a plastic one are fine by me. I started using the drawstring bag to hold my lip glosses and hair bands, but the strings kept getting tied up in my purse. So, presto-change-o:

I cut the bag open, used some interfacing to give it substance, and used a natural linen for the lining and a fun celery green zipper to seal the deal. Now my glosses are wrangled and the strings are out of the way! I'm still amazed that I can actually make things that I can really use, like for real! Self-sustainment is very gratifying.



I have spent the past couple nights working on some new headbands and adornments. I found this adorable headband tutorial via here, originally here- a new favorite place to visit.

I made one with a tiny polka-dot fabric.

And another with linen and a teal flower.

These little guys are waiting for a place to call home.

I have also been thinking a lot more about making a better effort at developing my style and approach to my headbands. I would love to make it a profitable venture one day. It is sometimes hard to find your niche especially with the launch of Etsy and tons of other handmade venues that are flooding the masses with amazing and sometimes awful products. But I think I have finally found my signature piece. When it's done, I'll show you. But until then, a gratuitous shot of my Doc:

Have a great weekend.