How They've Grown...

It has been a year since I planted my Confederate Jasmine. My dream is to have my porch columns be completely covered in the fragrant beauties. Last year they were barely scraping the base of the columns...

But after 365 days of water and sun they have met in the middle and are going strong!

I hope Erik and I are in this house long enough to see them mature like these that I saw on a trip to Serenbe- a beautiful neighborhood in South GA.

Have anything good growing at home?


Knit Necklace

Remember when I fell in love?

Well I studied that beautiful necklace and realized that I had just learned a valuable skill that would allow me to create a necklace of my own- Finger Weaving! Actually one of my 3rd grade students taught me, teacher became the student. I found some thick chunky thread at Joann's and I rummaged through my scrap box of fabric and beads and created this beauty:

I love how it turned out. The buttons, yo-yos and ruffles look like a fine collection that just happened along. For the ties I cut up an old t-shirt that was hanging out in the back of the dresser. Cakies will be putting hers in her Etsy shop soon, so go visit for one of your own! This guy, however, will be my personal treasure and a shout-out to all those creative moms out there who inspire us everyday!


Craft Space

Here are the pictures of my new craft nook:

In case you hadn't seen the office before:

To transform the office to an office/craft room I bought this desk from Ikea to use as a work space for my headbands and other projects. I have room for my cutting mat and my sewing machine.

The desk has 2 drawers on the front. One drawer is reserved for my crafting supplies and the other houses sewing essentials.

The wall rod keeps my scissors, and hair clips in order.

I also picked up new boxes to keep my fabrics in order. They are on the Lack shelf I already had in the office, which also has my felts, beads, and threads on it.

It is nice to have a dedicated space for my creative ventures. I can just swing the chair around and have Pandora rocking on the iMac while I make fun pieces for my Etsy shop or any other project that comes along...usually every day or so!

Do tell: Do you have a creative space that inspires you?


Inspiration: Cakies

I love this lady. She is a mom to 3 adorable girls and still finds time to work her creativity. When I saw this necklace on her blog I was in awe.

The texture of the yarn is amazing, the color of the jersey is perfect, and those buttons! If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing her blog, you.must.go, NOW!


Business Happenings

I have added 2 new pieces to the shop!

These new elastic headbands are eclectic with their ruffles, rosettes and beads. One has a yellow ruffle with a patterned rosette and turquoise beads...

And the other features a navy ruffle, gray linen rosette and gold beads...

I have decided that I like the elastic bands much better than the metal ones. I must have an odd shaped head or something. The elastic also holds flyaways and unruly curls at bay. Look for some more additions to pop up soon. I must say things are easier to do with a new craft corner. Pictures of that later...