Interior Spotlight: Bathroom

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It's where I start and end my day. It is where I wash away the sweat, sleepiness, and problems of the day. I like my bathrooms to feel clean and refreshing- a no fuss, no frills kind of spot. I favor the "spa-like" designs that emphasize dark woods and crisp white tiles, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Here are some bathrooms that fit the bill, along with some other interesting ones I found via Flickr:

What does your dream bathroom look like?

Accessories: Orange

Orange is at the top of my color list at the moment. It has such a wonderful modern, organic and cheery feel to it so why not bring those feelings into your home with some lovely orange accessories! They are the perfect way to interject color into a space without having to completely commit to it, you can just swap out the items if it doesn't work or you grow tired of looking at them. So I pulled some of my favorite pieces that I wouldn't mind clearing a place for.

1970 ORANGE CERAMIC LAMP1stdibs.com
Prep Squad Orange Rug - Contemporary - Rugs by Style - Rugs - PoshLiving
$136.00 poshliving.com
A+R Store - Porcelain Tealight + Beaker Product Detailaplusrstore.com
Orange Paisley Pillow $29.95 pier1.com
Canary Print Armless Chair - Orange : Target $299.99 target.com


M.O.D., No. 1

Monday's Organization Designs. The little things that help the ship run smoothly! 

Getting things around the house organized is the biggest task. What goes where, what containers to use, how to purge, etc. But once all that is done the fun comes- Labels! You need a quick reference to exactly what is where. I'm all about computer printed text. It is neat, clean, and systematic, but if you have nice handwriting it works too! Here are some lovely choices for marking all of your goodies.

The Container Store has these fabulous and FREE labels that you can print for their elfa system, however you could print and stick them on cardstock to fit any container.

Martha Stewart offers a wide range of self-adhesive labels. Anything from wine labels, to records, to gifts. But you better have good handwriting!

I found these print-yourself labels on Etsy. There are several color choices available. You can print them on cardstock, adhesive paper, anything!

Here's to having a closet that tells you exactly what's inside without having to look! What helps you find things in your home?

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Color Combinations: Gold & Navy

Navy is preppy, naval, and sharp. Gold is antique, weathered, and shiny. Together they add a beautiful touch to any room. They both have a neutral tone to them, yet they can add an unexpected punch. The crisp feeling of the navy with the worn look of gold gives a comfy yet chic style. Interior Stylist Claudia Bryant pairs the these colors amazingly in her rooms. From bedrooms, to living rooms she makes the pairings look divine.

{ Images courtesy of Desire to Inspire }

What is your favorite color combination?

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Martha's DIY Furniture

{courtesy of MarthaStewart.com }

Got to love her! Here is her way of making a bookcase into a craft station. I may be doing this to my office closet very soon...

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DIY: Paint Swatch Wall

{ courtesy of Design*Sponge }

Speaking of wall paint, I found this amazing DIY project on Design*Sponge. I have also seen the same project on the walls of David Bromstad's house- if it is his real house- on his HGTV show Color Splash. The paint chips are no longer just for choosing your paint color, they can serve as the wall color themselves!

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Design Help: Paint

{ courtesy of HGTV.com }

Paint can be one of the best and quickest fixes when it comes to design in a room. It can completely change the feeling of the room for about $30. But how do you choose your paint colors? What color schemes work best for each room? Here are my tips for finding the best wall color for your space:
  1. Pick the major pieces in the room FIRST. A couch, duvet, and even art should come first. They will be the building blocks for the rest of the design.
  2. Then look to the color family you are working with. Do you have mostly warm colors (red, orange, yellow) or cool colors (green, blue, purple)? If you are leaning towards red, look for green as bold accents- they are complements. As are blue and orange, and purple and yellow.
  3. Finish is next. Matte, and satin are good for living rooms, dining rooms, and bed rooms. While semi and high gloss are for kitchens and baths due to the splash factor.
  4. Now you are ready to pick the color. Again referrence your major pieces in the room. If you are working with a dark leather couch, a lighter tone would create the best contrast. A bright orange painting would work with a lighter blue tone. Contrast is key.
  5. Because paint can be ANY color, think of color matching too. Have a bed sheet that is the perfect sea green? Take it to your home improvement store and have them match it. You need an area about the size of a quarter for a color match.

Those are my tips, but HGTV also has some great ideas when picking your bedroom colors. Go check them out!

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Rate it!

Since moving in to our home about 2 1/2 years ago, I was ready for a fresh update to our master bedroom. It started out with milk chocolate brown walls- I love saturated colors in bedrooms = very cozy- with ivory and celery green accents. But it was moving to far into 'brown world' for me. So I wanted to punch it up a bit. 

I painted the walls a deep navy blue and added some fun accessories. I really liked the final result.

But you never know if you just like something, or if it really is nicely done, that's what HGTV is for! I posted our room on the Rate My Space page to get other's opinions. Go check it out here! Rate My Space is a great place to find ideas for decorating your own place too!

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The Brains Behind it all...

Organization is my life line. I need it to survive, but I have yet to find a system to use to keep up with my daily 'to dos'. So when I was wondering on one of my fav new blogs, This Young House, Sherry shared what she calls her Holy Grail. Simply a book that she records everything in. I like. I enjoy making lists, and have purchased many tablets and pads just for my lists, but I can never seem to find them when I need them. Then I figured I would use my phone because it is always with me- no such luck there. So a book it is.

I already had this Eco journal (made of recycled paper and materials) on hand. I only scribbled a couple thoughts in it, so I thought I would be green and repurpose it. I took out the old writings but I needed to add a bookmark to keep track of the day's page. So I used some twine I had to run down the spine.

Then I added a few beads I had from a broken necklace to give it a fun handle. So here is where my daily rumblings go. So far so good. After all, a well-maintained house has to have a well organized driver. 

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Home is...

{ mi casa }

Where the heart is? Where I relax? A safe place? What does your home mean to you?

For me it is my respite from any and everything. It is where I unwind after a long day at work, where I spend time with my husband and little dog, and where I like to hang out with family and friends. But for me it is most important for my house to be a reflection of me. It has to be an extension of my personal style. That will never be true if everything in it is standard option, showroom furniture set-ups with a cookie-cutter decor. I like to put my hands on everything about my home. Whether I paint it, arrange it, hang it, or place it, every piece has been thoughtfully added. 

My mission is to share inspirations, DIY projects, and solutions in order to help you create your own personal haven. So please keep in touch, and check in often to discover ways for you to get a home that screams everything about you.

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