Obsessed: Lofts

Erik and I love our first home that we currently reside in, however in one of those "If I ever win the lottery" type moments, we have decided that we want a swanky loft apartment. I like industrial, he likes simple. So when I saw Gwyenth Paltrow's loft on her website I was in l.o.v.e.

The master bedroom is the best. I love the peacock blue bed and those wall sconces are to die for. I have already spent 30 mins trying to find something similar on the web. Any suggestions??

The kitchen is even better. The stools are industrial goodness and the full subway tile wall is stunning. And to believe that it is all in Nashville, TN ? I'd actually listen to county music if I could life here. See the whole apartment and design process here.

Seriously, does anyone know where to find those sconces??


Craft Room Inspiration

Since I'm going to have some extra time on my hands ( summer vacation!!) I thought it was high time to get the Etsy shop updated and inventory up. However when I have to retire to our guest room to get to work I feel less than inspired. I like the guest room but I feel like it isn't my creative place. I have plans to try and add a nook to the office for my headband making and sewing. This serves as my main piece of inspiration at the moment:

I already have a Lack shelf in the office so I would be adding the display rod, another desk, and some cute containers to hold my notions. There is quite a list working of summer projects to keep me busy.


The Places I go...

The blog world is a fun and overwhelming place. There is truly something for everyone. Whether it's home decor, DIY anything, mom's doing fun stuff, cooks, photography, or gardening, chances are if you have a hobby there is a blog for it. The thing I like most about blogs are that they are usually written by regular people doing regular things. It's nice to read that others have struggles with planting a veggie garden, or that I'm not the only person who is obsessed with throw pillows.

So these are some of the places I like to visit to see what's shakin':

The Cooks:

The Home Gurus:

The Creatives:

Please go visit them whenever you need inspiration and pretty things to look at and read.


Quiet Time, and a picnic

The days are flying by so fast that I just want any spare minute to sit. In quiet. With Erik, Doc or any other warm cuddly thing. But life prevails and continues.

One such instance is when our kitchen sink fell victim to a moment of frustration and ended up broken. To Home Depot we went. I figured if we were having to replace our builder boring faucet, we might as well get something that was nice and that we would want to have forever- or until another karate chop takes it down. We got this guy:

It has the removable spray nozzle and fun matching soap dispenser. It looked beautiful in the box, but what a pain to install for my very handsome and fit husband who had to squeeze under the sink to install it. After 2 hours and a trip to the hardware store, we had water use again and had to get out of the house.

We visited our favorite lunch spot and had a picnic with the little one. It was beautiful out. We laid on the blanket together in the warm sun, with whispers of "weiner dog!" as passerbys saw our adorable Doc hanging out with us.

{ side note: disregard the grass clippings, he likes to roll around on bugs }

A frustrating, rewarding, delicious, and relaxing afternoon.



To grow your own home decor.
{My bright orange geraniums with my favorite owls.}