Etsy Changes

{ New shop Name and Logo }

I have been absent from my little blog due to mad crafting! I was presented with an awesome opportunity to have my headbands be a part of an awesome craft event held by Thread & Canvas. They are hosting a boutique sale here in Atlanta this weekend. With that said I had to do some soul searching and really pin down my personal style went it comes to my designs. I have seen lots of inspiration from friends and other crafters on Etsy. So I have developed my designs and have become a master of the yo-yo.

{Multi YoYo with Maroon Felt}

With inventory up, my new shop is ready for shopping! My awesome sister gave me a new graphic logo and I am set to go! Come by and visit ( and you can preview the new duds on my side bar! ) Thanks for your patience and sticking with me during my quiet times.


I would love to hear what you have to say, but comments may be monitored for those few who are 'Debbie-Downers'. This is a creative outlet, I'm no expert, I just like to show others what I'm doing 'round the house. Like it or leave it.