Craft Space

Here are the pictures of my new craft nook:

In case you hadn't seen the office before:

To transform the office to an office/craft room I bought this desk from Ikea to use as a work space for my headbands and other projects. I have room for my cutting mat and my sewing machine.

The desk has 2 drawers on the front. One drawer is reserved for my crafting supplies and the other houses sewing essentials.

The wall rod keeps my scissors, and hair clips in order.

I also picked up new boxes to keep my fabrics in order. They are on the Lack shelf I already had in the office, which also has my felts, beads, and threads on it.

It is nice to have a dedicated space for my creative ventures. I can just swing the chair around and have Pandora rocking on the iMac while I make fun pieces for my Etsy shop or any other project that comes along...usually every day or so!

Do tell: Do you have a creative space that inspires you?


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