Knit Necklace

Remember when I fell in love?

Well I studied that beautiful necklace and realized that I had just learned a valuable skill that would allow me to create a necklace of my own- Finger Weaving! Actually one of my 3rd grade students taught me, teacher became the student. I found some thick chunky thread at Joann's and I rummaged through my scrap box of fabric and beads and created this beauty:

I love how it turned out. The buttons, yo-yos and ruffles look like a fine collection that just happened along. For the ties I cut up an old t-shirt that was hanging out in the back of the dresser. Cakies will be putting hers in her Etsy shop soon, so go visit for one of your own! This guy, however, will be my personal treasure and a shout-out to all those creative moms out there who inspire us everyday!

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