The Brains Behind it all...

Organization is my life line. I need it to survive, but I have yet to find a system to use to keep up with my daily 'to dos'. So when I was wondering on one of my fav new blogs, This Young House, Sherry shared what she calls her Holy Grail. Simply a book that she records everything in. I like. I enjoy making lists, and have purchased many tablets and pads just for my lists, but I can never seem to find them when I need them. Then I figured I would use my phone because it is always with me- no such luck there. So a book it is.

I already had this Eco journal (made of recycled paper and materials) on hand. I only scribbled a couple thoughts in it, so I thought I would be green and repurpose it. I took out the old writings but I needed to add a bookmark to keep track of the day's page. So I used some twine I had to run down the spine.

Then I added a few beads I had from a broken necklace to give it a fun handle. So here is where my daily rumblings go. So far so good. After all, a well-maintained house has to have a well organized driver. 

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