M.O.D., No. 1

Monday's Organization Designs. The little things that help the ship run smoothly! 

Getting things around the house organized is the biggest task. What goes where, what containers to use, how to purge, etc. But once all that is done the fun comes- Labels! You need a quick reference to exactly what is where. I'm all about computer printed text. It is neat, clean, and systematic, but if you have nice handwriting it works too! Here are some lovely choices for marking all of your goodies.

The Container Store has these fabulous and FREE labels that you can print for their elfa system, however you could print and stick them on cardstock to fit any container.

Martha Stewart offers a wide range of self-adhesive labels. Anything from wine labels, to records, to gifts. But you better have good handwriting!

I found these print-yourself labels on Etsy. There are several color choices available. You can print them on cardstock, adhesive paper, anything!

Here's to having a closet that tells you exactly what's inside without having to look! What helps you find things in your home?

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  1. Hello Christy!

    I've come upon your site from the Young House Love site and your ideas are great! I especially like the organizational ones, like the one above.
    Two weeks ago, my husband and I moved into an old home that we had completely renovated and I am just devouring ideas for decoration and organization.
    I'll let you know if I used any of your ideas!!

    Rebecca in Ontario


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