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{ mi casa }

Where the heart is? Where I relax? A safe place? What does your home mean to you?

For me it is my respite from any and everything. It is where I unwind after a long day at work, where I spend time with my husband and little dog, and where I like to hang out with family and friends. But for me it is most important for my house to be a reflection of me. It has to be an extension of my personal style. That will never be true if everything in it is standard option, showroom furniture set-ups with a cookie-cutter decor. I like to put my hands on everything about my home. Whether I paint it, arrange it, hang it, or place it, every piece has been thoughtfully added. 

My mission is to share inspirations, DIY projects, and solutions in order to help you create your own personal haven. So please keep in touch, and check in often to discover ways for you to get a home that screams everything about you.

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  1. oooh, i like the new blog! i will definitely be back.


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