How-To: Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan

{ Tools of the Trade: Swiffer, Pillow Case }

How does dust collect on a moving surface? I have never understood how ceiling fan blades get so dusty, especially ours since it is always running. Well, somehow it does collect, and ours needed cleaning. I have used many methods to banish the fuzzy stuff: a swiffer, vaccum attachments, and a damp wash cloth. All of these strategies worked, but not as good as the latest way I have just discovered (maybe you already knew, but I am slow sometimes so it's just getting to me) A pillow case! Say what?! Yes, the bed linens make a lovely pocket to catch all those little, height-lovin' bunnies. Here's my breakdown:

Pillow Case Dusting

1. Observe nasty fan blades... gross.

2. Place pillow case (I wouldn't use a white one, just in case) over fan blade, up to the bracket.

3. Using one hand pull pillow case snug around the blade. Then with the other hand pull the pillow case down the blade.

4. Catch any leftovers with a Swiffer duster.

And hello gorgeous!

Total time: 5 minutes
Cost: $0!
Benefits: A less sneezy husband.

Have any cleaning questions? Send me a shout!


  1. Great tip Christy. I've been selling and troubleshooting ceiling fans over twenty years, and I've never heard the pillowcase trick. I'll be spreading the word. Thanks for the tip! Jason

  2. THAT is a brilliant idea. I recently cleaned ours in our master bedroom with a swiffer duster alone and got BOMBED with dust--NASTY!! Next time I will for sure use your method!


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  4. Hey , you are doing a great job. I love your show and lately your website has been a real help for me.


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