Detached and Relaxed

These past two weeks have gotten the best of me. With school starting, the end of summer vacation, and a lot more to do, I have been exhausted. I still have some lingering projects to complete and no time to do them. After a day of cleaning up glue, crying, potty breaks, and silly kids, I just want to prop my feet up and watch some boob tube with the hubs. But I still have the urge to be creative on my own terms. The distractions are endless. Laundry, dinner, grad school, etc. I need a secluded space to have some peace and quiet. These may just do it (if I had a back yard to put one in...)

{ The Mod Pod- a cute little corner
nook. }

{ The Craftsman-clean lines and great windows. }

{ The Industrial- my favorite. }

{ The Minimalist- simple and easy. }

I wouldn't mind it if any of these dropped in my back yard sometime soon.
I need some 'me time' STAT!


  1. I could use one of these too! Great idea!

  2. I love the minimalist but when I click on the link, it takes to me some Taxing Tennessee blog focusing on right-wing political stuff...????

    I found your site from the reader redo on YHL and man I'm disappointed... I'm not here for politics! Ack!


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