Favorite Kind of Clean

Clean is my middle name. It is also the source of my most major ODC. I am good at having my home 'picked up' at all times, but getting the grime out sometimes takes me some time. But when it gets done, I live by these wonderful little helpers:

My Favorites:
  1. Method's Glass, Stainless, and Granite cleaning cloths. (They also make one for wood too.)
  2. Stainless Steel cleaner
  3. All Purpose Cleaner, in Go Naked
  4. Best in Windows, Mint glass cleaner
  5. Little Bowl Blue, toilet bowl cleaner

I hate to admit that I am still hanging on to my Clorox when it comes to cleaning around the toliet. I just really need the comfort of bleach when faced with all that involves the white throne. And I am trying to finish up my last can of Scrubbing Bubbles for cleaning the shower before I switch to a greenier option there too. I obviously prefer Method, just because they are easy, and they smell great- hello mint glass cleaner! Because I love my hand soap by JR Watkins so much, I can't wait to try their all purpose cleaner too!

As far as tools go, I use the Method clothes for windows, stainless steel, and granite counter tops, and a cheap-o sponge for everything else. But at a recent Target trip I spied these guys:

Again, I can't wait for the current sponge to give way to the green bamboo variety! Natural products are going to take over one day, which means they will hopefully get cheaper. But unfortunately it is still a ways a way... sorry wallet.

What are your favorite grim-busters?

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