Weekend Restaurant Wrap-Up

This weekend was busy with lots of delicious eating and visiting with old friends. So I thought I would highlight the Good Eats of the weekend.

First we hit one of my favorite Italian spots. Yes it is a chain, but you can't beat their garlic knot bread with a stick!

On Saturday morning, Erik and I hit our usual spot for coffee, pastries, and the Creative Loafing crossword. This coffee shop is only minutes from our house, and Erik swears it is the best coffee anywhere!

Saturday night we did a late celebration with friends for Erik's birthday. We have hit this spot 3 times and it is packed every time. A simple decor, lawn games indoors, and a great beer list.

Finally Sunday wrapped up with brunch at another local spot- The Square Bagel (sad no pics available). Almost all of the bagels were gone by the time we got there. **Note to self- most people get up before noon and have brunch on Sundays. I love how food makes everything better.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. i love to eat out as well!! sounds like an awesome time!!

  2. what a small world!! i lived in marietta for over 10 years! and those are some of my favorite places as well. i used to go to that coffee shop on the square when i was in college (it had a different name then) and hang out there every weekend. we'd sit outside in the back part till late. and i LOVE the square bagel, too! thanks for bringing back some really great memories...

  3. Hi - I found you through HomemadeGrits and I'm also a fellow Atlantan :)

    My husband & I like to find independent, quirky places to eat (we've got to try Ormsby's - I keep hearing good things)... BUT, we can't stay away from Ippolito's due to their AAAAAmazing garlic roles. Yum!


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