Budget Blooms

{ Bulbs in Bulk, Walmart-style }

When I do my trips to Walmart to pick up random assortments of items I usually enter through the Garden center because the parking lot is less full and there is a shorter line. As I entered yesterday, I was greeted with an awesome site: $1 bulbs! Now these are not just plain bulbs that I have to wait months for a showing, they were already sprouting! Hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils in a variety of colors! I was so happy that someone did the work for me and I get to reap the rewards for a buck. No more planting in the winter, or forgetting to! I just planted my lovelies yesterday and will get to see them soon.

{ my selection }

{ the little ones snug in their new bed }

Thank you Walmart for making our lives easier, except when we have to try and survive the lines at Christmas, find a parking spot that is semi-close, and try to not let the fertilizer I bought touch the fruit snacks or the new casserole dish that I just picked up.

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