Colors & Labels

There are some new faces 'round here:

{ Phlox }

{ Snowball bush }

{ Creeping Jenny }

{ Geranium }

{ My camilia busting out! }

Erik and I are going to be making our first herb and veggie/fruit gardens this year. I'm excited to be able to pick out our own growin's for our dinners. Our planter box is almost complete for the herb garden that is going to be placed on our back porch for easy access. I wanted a DIY way to label all of my herbs. I found lots of cute ideas and products on Etsy, but I knew I could make something myself. I found plain metal stakes at Pike's for a couple bucks, and thank my lucky stars our neighbors happened to have metal stamps.

So my hand-punched garden labels were born. I couldn't be happier with them. Once we establish which veggies/fruits we're going to grow, I'm going to get copper ones for those beds. I can't wait!

Are you growing anything good this summer?


  1. Great labels! The metal stamps are a great idea. I've always seen metal tags with names written in Sharpie, but I like your method better.

    We're growing lots of nasturtium, because the kids love to eat the flowers. Tomatoes, lots of herbs (including Globe basil, my fave), cukes, garlic, snap peas, and carrots. The carrots are new for us this year, and I'm excited!

  2. Good luck with all of those! I'm hoping to get some carrots too.


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