Surprise Dinner Party

Saturday was spent in the dirt. That has been a common occurrence in these parts lately. It is just too darn nice out to be inside, so if that means I have dirt under my nails than so be it. After I spent time tending to the weeds, planting some more herbs:

{ Rosemary }

{ Ours on the left, Graham's on the right }

and helping Erik build the structure for the veggie garden, the neighbors and I decided that a patio dinner was a must do. So I buzzed around the house cleaning and picking up to make sure all was tidy for our impromptu dinner guests.

I used some of my beautiful geraniums and snowball blooms to decorate the porch tables. We had delicious kabobs, asparagus, potatoes, and an amazing blueberry cobbler, a BYODinner courtesy of my awesome neighbors and lovely sister. We ended the night with a little Wii bowling, to which I can proudly announce, I RULE.

It was a great night.

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