Craft Room Inspiration

Since I'm going to have some extra time on my hands ( summer vacation!!) I thought it was high time to get the Etsy shop updated and inventory up. However when I have to retire to our guest room to get to work I feel less than inspired. I like the guest room but I feel like it isn't my creative place. I have plans to try and add a nook to the office for my headband making and sewing. This serves as my main piece of inspiration at the moment:

I already have a Lack shelf in the office so I would be adding the display rod, another desk, and some cute containers to hold my notions. There is quite a list working of summer projects to keep me busy.


  1. Cute pic - very inspiring indeed! :)

  2. Sorry to sound naive but.........what is a Debbie Downer? I mean, does it mean someone leaves a yucky comment about you or your project? That is just shocking to me if that is the meaning. This is your blog and it is a treat to see your ideas and to allow them to inspire those of us who read it. Thank you for taking the time to share your creativity with me. :)

  3. Yes unfortunately that is exactly what it means. Some only exist to be mean. But thank you for the positive vibes.


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