Guest Room Redo, Project 1

I have always liked the symmetry of sunburst mirrors. What I don't like about them is the steep prices. Every one that I find and like is well out of my price range. { The one above is $200!!} So I was out in the interwebs, and I stumbled onto this blog tutorial that opened my world to having my own little sunburst.

{ It is identical!! }

I had a smaller, more simple version in my thoughts so I adapted the recipe a bit.

My materials were: a 7" diameter mirror, bamboo skewers, hot glue, gold spray paint and a finished roll of tape. Crazy list I know. I started with drawing two circles on the back of the mirror to use as guidelines. I then glued the skewers starting at 12, 3, 6, and 9, relative to a clock. And then just filled in the gaps between.

Obviously neatness isn't super important- hello wobbly circles! When I couldn't squeeze in anymore, I used the tape roll as a base to hang the mirror from. Once everything was secure out to the driveway I went to spray the skewers with a generous amount of gold spray paint. Here it is hanging at the top of the chalkboard headboard I painted:

Isn't it adorable! The total cost of my version was under $10 including the cost of the mirror, paint, and skewers. More details tomorrow on the dresser refinishing, and the reveal is soon to come. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Totally cool! Brilliant idea. Thanks for the step by step.


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