Quiet Time, and a picnic

The days are flying by so fast that I just want any spare minute to sit. In quiet. With Erik, Doc or any other warm cuddly thing. But life prevails and continues.

One such instance is when our kitchen sink fell victim to a moment of frustration and ended up broken. To Home Depot we went. I figured if we were having to replace our builder boring faucet, we might as well get something that was nice and that we would want to have forever- or until another karate chop takes it down. We got this guy:

It has the removable spray nozzle and fun matching soap dispenser. It looked beautiful in the box, but what a pain to install for my very handsome and fit husband who had to squeeze under the sink to install it. After 2 hours and a trip to the hardware store, we had water use again and had to get out of the house.

We visited our favorite lunch spot and had a picnic with the little one. It was beautiful out. We laid on the blanket together in the warm sun, with whispers of "weiner dog!" as passerbys saw our adorable Doc hanging out with us.

{ side note: disregard the grass clippings, he likes to roll around on bugs }

A frustrating, rewarding, delicious, and relaxing afternoon.

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