Etsy Score: Dazey Chic

As the summer continues on, so do the projects. The guest room is next. It is the only room in our house that is still a mis-mash of things. I rushed to get it painted (only 1 bad coat!) and accessorized for our house warming party 3 years ago. With all the other amazing transformations happening around the house, I thought I might as well tackle it too.

So as I am thinking of paint colors, furniture arrangements, etc. I decided to check out Etsy for some original, handmade artwork for the walls. Most of the art in our home is my work, but I really liked the humor of Dazey Chic's work. I just ordered this hilarious print for the guest room:

It should make any visitor smile.

More details for the guest room make-over, and pictures of my latest make-over NEXT!

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