More Landscaping, really?!

Yes people, I have a problem (Step 1, check). I must always have dirty hands doing something around the house, most times I just make up things to do, but if I didn't then I would have nothing to write about. But this project was actually a necessity. When Erik and I moved into our townhouse our property line on the unattached side was marked with a DISGUSTING retaining wall. It was raw cinder block, 2 rows too short and just plain u-g-l-y. Of course our builder said he would complete it with stucco to match the foundation but I, thank goodness, didn't hold my breath because as he ran from finishing our development, our retaining wall hopes ran with him. Needless to say, we had to pick up his pieces and finish it on our own.

Here's what we had to start with:

{ Yikes, I know...}

First we tried masonry. Erik got more blocks and added the 2 rows we needed to make the wall level with the yard. 

{ So far, so good }

Then we found a beautiful Pennsylvania slate to top the wall with. However that didn't work so well. The mix of mortar must not have been correct and the stone fell off. Next we looked on Craigslist for an expert to stucco the wall for us. $600 dollars!!! No way my friend. Once again we were left with no affordable ideas.

Erik and his cute head came up with an idea. Paint the wall and put a BIG planter box on top to cover the top and add a place for some annual color. Genius, my man is. So I got an olive green paint to complement the house and painted the wall. Plus 3 BIG pieces of wood and lots of muscle = a long, long, BIG planter box. 

Which I stained the same color as the porch...

And added some amazing begonias to finish off the whole thing.

Here's the price breakdown:

Cinder blocks- free, found them :)
Mortar mix- $5
Paint- $15 (Wal-Mart baby)
Wood- $30
Potting Mix- $16
5 Begonias- $25

TOTAL: $91!!! Must better than the $600 Mr. Expert Stucco was going to charge.

It was definitely a labor of love, but worth it. Now I just need to add some plants to the bed in front of the wall and we are in business!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! we have a similar "disaster wall" in our backyard- old tumbling rail road posts now weathered to an unattractive grey-brown. I had looked into so many ideas! Rock, replacing the rail road ties, brick. I never thought of paint! Its so gorgeous! Great job and thanks for the inspiration!


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