Striped and Clean

Project # 1,934,235,001- our laundry nook. You've already seen how I updated the bi-fold doors that hide it, but it was time to refresh the inside too. I wanted to make this as budget friendly as possible so I made use of lots of leftover paint that I had on hand. There was 3/4 gallon of Glidden's First Anniversary (a warm golden yellow) and an almost full Quart of white paint. The decision was to do stripes! I have never done them but after I saw Sherry and John's bathroom makeover I was convinced. So I used the golden yellow for the darker stripe, and then mixed in the white to make the contrasting lighter stripe. Here's how it went down... 

Step 1: Take everything out! (Except the washer and dryer! I had to maneuver my way around them since Erik aka 'the muscle' was at work)

Step 2: Decide how big to make your stripes. I went with 14.5' stripes, which worked out to be 7 stripes. Then choose which to paint first, dark or light. I went with dark so I taped out the darker stripes. And rolled away.

Step 3: Buy more tape! Once I finished the dark stripes I had to head to Wal-mart real fast like, and snag some more blue tape. Then I mixed the white paint into the can of golden yellow to make the lighter shade. When I taped out the lighter stripe, I overlapped the darker stripes a bit to ensure that the seams where clean.

Step 4: Remove tape ASAP! Remove the tape when the paint is still wet to make sure that there is no peeling. Then I added a small shelf under the existing one for easy, short-person reaching, and some cup hooks to hang brooms and mops.

Now I'm a little happier to do the laundry, but not much.

Project Breakdown:

Paint- free!
Painting supplies- $12
Shelf- free, from an existing cabinet
Shelf brackets- $3
Cup hooks- already had 'em

TOTAL: $15 !!


  1. I like the stripes! Painting around here has been unrelenting! ps. we have an orange room, and while painting it, I thought of you

  2. Your stripes came out great, nice work. It made the room seem bigger and more fun. I may have to try this in my laundry room.

  3. I love those stripes! and dream of having a laundry room (our washing machine is in the bathroom corner...)!


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