Progress on the Home-Back

{NO MORE projects, PLEASE! }

It was another scorching day in Georgia and a productive day at the Grubbs' house. Today I had the wonderful hands of my mother in law to help! Mission: Pergola is moving along. Erik and I have decided that we are going to stain the ENTIRE back porch and pergola the same cocoa brown that we used on the front porch. It is going to be a huge job but we know that we would always look back thinking we should have done it. So since I am wonderfully employed as a teacher and still have about 5 weeks of summer vacation I decided to start tackling the massive job.

I started by staining all the new wood since it was already nice and clean.

Today Anita (mom-in-law) came over with her trusty pressure washer. So I went to town on getting the grime of the old wood to prep for stain. While I did that, she worked on staining the top planks for the pergola. It will be easier to stain them now, instead of trying to reach all the nooks when they are already installed.

{ I love this stain color, Oxford Brown by Behr. It looks worn and weathered, perfect.}

By about 4p we were spent and ready to go inside and enjoy the AC. I'm sure I'll have a brush back in my hand very soon- but I'm taking the day off tomorrow.

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  1. Mmmmm, that color is yummy. And how cute is your pup?! I hope you are doing nothing but relaxing today! You deserve it. PS - I'm hitting Target this week for that hose and I'll think of you while I'm there!


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