New Porch Accessories

The front porch needs love too! We have been, and will be, spending so much time working on our back porch that I wanted to show some love to the front as well. Our teak furniture was looking very gray and sad after a long winter, so I got some teak oil and gave all of it a nice new sheen.

{ Doc is very sleepy on the freshened up porch furniture. }

I also had to change out my little boxwood shrubs from my planters- they fell victim to squirrels who were insistent on hiding their nuts in the planters. I replaced the shrubs with these gorgeous Glory Blue Hydrangeas and some vinca. I'm sure they will eventually out grow the planters so I'll have to move them one day. Until then they are giving the porch a nice burst of color.

Privacy is even an issue on the front porch too. Living in a townhome community has its pros, but the biggest con is that you are surrounded by people and houses. To fix that I got this matchstick blind on the cheap from Garden Ridge and hung it for some added shade and a filtered privacy.

The pergola is on pause for the moment but we will be gearing up for more work on it this weekend. We have decided to stain it the same color as the front porch, so I will be on a ladder with gloves and a brush for quite some time... hopefully I'll survive.

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  1. Love your colors on the porch and the shade looks great.


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