{ Doc left his mark in the snow... at least it wasn't yellow :) }

Yesterday I was super excited to stay home and get some projects done. In case you're under a rock it is freezing cold everywhere including here in GA which actually gave us some snow on Thursday, which didn't melt in the 18˚ temps and turned to ice Friday morning keeping all schools closed! It really is great being a teacher! This time it allowed me to get a couple of new additions to my abode put up.

First was the wonderful gift from my Christmas wish list that my mother-in-law read:

My cutting table! I can't wait to start making more headbands, zipper bags and totes. Especially since I purchased my rotary cutter and mat. It is being stored in our guest room at the moment. I think I may turn that room into a craft room because it is the only one with the floor space right now.

Next I hung my awesome Pottery Barn purchase that arrived the other day. It is the new home of our keys and Doc's leashes. I love the little cage that stores the lesser used keys. We'll use the big hooks to stash our keys as we walk in the door. Two new pieces that make our house a little more functional for us!

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  1. I would sooo love one of those tables. We live in a fabulous little house ( 950 sq. feet for 4 of us). There is just no room......

    But awesome for you! Can't wait to see some head bands!


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