Handmade Greetings: Birthday

My crazy Mom had her birthday on January 5th and we all went out for a delicious family dinner here. Anytime we get together laughter quickly ensues. We ate tons, cracked jokes, and just really enjoyed being together and celebrating our awesome mom.

I decided that no ordinary Hallmark greeting would do, so I used one of my favorite stamps to craft this birthday card for her. The stamp is just the calendar grid, and it comes with the month titles and numbers. I used Martha Stewart's line of ink pads for the black and teal colors. I wanted another accent color so I used my favorite trick of coloring my bird stamp with a plain ol' Crayola marker for the orange. Using markers are a great way to have a wider range of colors without having to buy a ton of different ink pads. By adding a cute polka-dot patterned paper and some brown and cream cardstock her 2009 birthday card was complete. I used the same paper to add a detail to the envelope as well. Cards are one of my favorite things to create. They let the person know that you 100% thought of them when making it, and it wasn't just being the first card on a shelf that you could find a coordinating envelope for.

Happy Birthday again Mom!


  1. this turned out great chris! love it:)

  2. How fun.... And what a great stamp set.

    My mother is a New Yorker.

    Our celebrations are VERY similar to yours...SO FUN!

    Stay warm! HAve a great weekend!

  3. Thank You again for my card and the great dinner you all treated me too..I love you!


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