Snow Again ?...

{ You seriously want to go out there? It's freezing... }

So winter has decided to start off with a bang here in the South. It was a blistering 30 something today and there is not a warm day in sight. The weather man is saying that there is a possibility of snow by the end of the week! Please cross your fingers for me, a snow day from school would be a welcomed surprise.

Since it is so cold outside, I'm doing any and everything I can to stay warm and work on some little tasks that have gone undone for a while. I worked on cleaning up and re-organizing our bathroom drawers, caught up on laundry, and am sorting and re-organizing my sewing cabinet. Getting my home more organized is definitely on my list for 2010. I know I am already pretty organized, but since I constantly rearrange things in the house I always have something to do. My philosophy is to put things in the places where they are used so then there is no searching for them. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Do you have any home-related resolutions for 2010?


  1. no home resolutions - but definitely thinking about them. i've cleaned the closets out and am definitely feelin' some goals to keep this place CLEANER!

  2. I'd love to do some mini-projects in each room ... our kitchen ceiling needs to be repainted ~ paint touch-ups in other rooms ~ I'd like to build a shelf for my closet......oh, the ideas are endless. Thanks for the challenge...

    Happy New Year!


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