A Place to Rest...

My pins! I found this adorable pincushion tutorial on one of my daily reads Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone.

My rotary cutter came in handy for this little project. I must say I'm not sure how I lived without the rotary cutter! It has changed my life. But I love the button and ribbon detail of this pincushion. Once again I had to use my current favorite fabric and the sections the ribbon makes are a great way to keep my sewing needles separate from my pinning needles. I had to do a couple of adjustments to the directions because I don't have a doll maker needle, but it all worked out in the end.

The directions and patterns are available to download on Better Homes and Garden's website. Click here to get them!


  1. It's gorgeous!

    Can I have 10 ? I'm still "new" to the sewing world ~ but will download them for kicks. :)

    I sew some awesome stuff in your Etsy shop! Good for you... off to look more!

  2. So cute! I love the fabric you used!


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