Today's post celebrates 3 things: friends, Sundays, and posts. This is my 100th post with SD! I cannot believe it! With many DIY adventures, to new sewing skills, to fun times, I'm glad that I have been able to share it all with you guys! On the note of sharing, big ups to my BF neighbor Lesley for sharing a wonderful cookbook that allowed me to make this delicious peanut butter pie to take to mom's house for the weekly Family dinner yesterday.

My favorite thing about the cookbook is that most of the recipes are for 2, which makes my life easier! I was a math genius in school, but since I live in the real world halving 3/4 C of flour doesn't always compute in my head :) I took the PB pie recipe and added a little semi-homemade touch, thank you Sandra Lee! Instead of making my own pie crust and baking it, I purchased an Oreo cookie one from the store to cut down on the prep time and to add a little chocolate into the mix. A little grated chocolate swirls are in the cards for the next time I make it!

Hope you all had a great weekend and thanks again for visiting me every once in a while!!

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  1. oh yay! woot woot. i am so glad you liked it! i bet the oreo crust was yummy. thanks for watching til today. i bet she had so much fun with her christy. i'm thankful for you!


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