Gallery Space

The office was looking bare after Erik sold his guitars. We had collected some fun prints and I wanted to give them a proper home, so I spray painted some frames I already had and up they went. 3 of the 4 works are prints and the pinup gal is a painting I did for Erik a couple Christmases ago.

The Gaslight Anthem is one of our favorite bands, so when we went to their concert last year we picked up this print (left side, top). Tyson McAdoo is a tattoo-inspired artist who also does animation and pin-up art. He created the print on the bottom left for a tattoo event that Erik and I went to last summer. On the right side my pin-up painting is on the top and the anchor print is one that I picked up from I.C.E. Atlanta in December.

Erik and I are big fans of any and all Art so we were excited to show off some of our more fun and adventurous pieces!

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  1. Kind of stumbled into your blog as I was searching for info on purchasing a David Bromstad piece of art. I love the simple lines of this room and really love the navy you chose for your master bedroom. I lived in Marietta for a year about 15 years ago and my son lives in Roswell ...... Have a great week.


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