DYI: Painting Bi-fold Doors

They are yucky, those folding doors, but most of the time they are a neccessity. There is either not enough room for a full door or not a full wall for a pocket door. But those bi-fold doors are soo ugly! Paint to the rescue! I have folding doors on my hallway laundry room. My walls are painted a beautiful bronze color and the white doors were way too white for the hallway.

Extra paint = chic, detailed doors!
Here's How:

  1. I have to start with the fact that I HATE taping to paint, I happen to have a steady hand. So if you are like me, then no taping necessary, if you aren't then get the blue stuff and go!

  2. Get to painting. Even for a small area, two coats are needed to ensure a smooth finish. Decide which areas to paint. You can do the raised square portion, or the recesses- I did the recesses for a frame look.

  3. If you tape, I would pull it off ASAP. Interior paint is usually latex based and could peel off with the tape, so pull when it is still a little wet.

  4. Finish the doors with some fancy hardware. I had cup pulls left over from our master bath switcheroo.

  5. The result a not-so-ugly, classy bi-fold wonder!

1 comment:

  1. I think the doors look great! But then again, I like doors with recesses. If you didn't want the doors to grab attention, you would have painted them entirely the same color as the walls.


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