Color Combos: Gray + Yellow

Sorry I'm behind on my Interiors Post. Yesterday the husband and I celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss so I took the day off! But what makes me almost as happy as a delicious celebratory Italian dinner is beautifully combined color schemes. Gray and Yellow is one of them. Gray is my favorite neutral at the moment and yellow gives everything a punch. The colors look best when the contrast is at the max- charcoal with pale yellow and vibrant lemon with a airy gray.

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{ via apartmenttherapy.com }

{ via
designspongeonline.com }

I'm thinking my guest room is going to receive a Gray + Yellow make over... maybe... sometime...

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  1. I've been obsessing over this combination for months! So much so that I ordered some of that gray striped bedding. :) Happy Anniversary!


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