Personal Note: Give What's Needed

With finances the way they are, many people are foregoing their usual charitable contributions in order to keep more money in their own pocket. Of course you are your #1, but that doesn't mean there aren't other ways to help those who need it.

Start at the top- with your hair that is! As an elementary teacher I have watched several of my students, colleagues, and parents participate in the Locks of Love and Pantene's Beautiful Lengths campaigns. Every school year about 15 of these brave girls, women and even a boy, grow their hair out just to have it chopped off for a good cause. Both of these amazing organizations collect hair to make wigs for survivors of cancer. Locks works exclusively for children while Pantene works for adults and children. My school has donated over 1,000 inches of hair over the past couple years!

So as I looked in the mirror and groaned about how I needed a haircut because my long curls were becoming unmanageable, I thought of those survivors. I thought of them also because my colleague Marsha just lost all of her hair to Breast Cancer, and is now sporting her new cropped cut after months of wigs. That's it, I told myself, off  with the curls! They must go NOW! Friday after noon the lovely Aveda stylist took 2 7" ponytails from my mane- yes I have, had, a lot of hair. 

I was very traumatized at first. I hadn't had short hair-meaning above my shoulders- for a very long time. My neck was now exposed and ponytails are no longer my go to for bad hair days. But as the weekend has progressed so has my love for my new 'do. 

My curls are happy to lose the weight.

And when I straighten my locks I feel the presence of Twiggy.

If you are heading to the salon for a new shorter summer cut, get out your ruler and see if you have enough to give to someone who could use it. Visit Locks of Love here to find out their donation guidelines, and Pantene's Beautiful Lengths here.


  1. wow-- it is short, but beautiful!

  2. love love love you for doing this. so brave & so generous. you look absolutely adorable but i never doubted that you would!!

  3. I was definitely scared for the curls being too crazy, but a little wild is good...

  4. Great idea! And as someone with stick straight hair, I'm totally jealous of your curls. :)

  5. I just found your blog via YHL. Do you mind me asking what kind of product you use for your hair? I have curly hair, too, and am always on the lookout for good products. Your hair looks so cute!

  6. Hi Sara! When I sport my curls I have to have Herbal Essence's Set-Me-Up mousse. It is the only thing I can use. But since I went to Aveda for the cut they pointed me in the direction of their Smooth Infusion balm. It is AMAZING! I use a dime-size amount of it in my hair then put the mousse over it. I hope this helps! I know how hard it is to find good products! thanks for visiting me!!


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