Open Shelving?

Even as an avid clean-freak, open shelving scares me! I love how orderly the dishes, bowls and cups look, however I think that it would bother me when the shelves are half full. I would constantly be washing dishes so that the shelves were complete. There are a variety of types of shelving to choose from. Glass, wood, floating, open cabinets... I like the look of the floating shelves, but with an interesting background like the glass subway tile. Maybe cabinets with glass doors is a good way to ease into the wide open spaces.

{ via annsacks.com }

Do you think you would indulge in this over-exposure of kitchen wares?


  1. I'm totally scared of them too because I know I could never get them to look as good as these.

  2. I'm with you and from the right right bank above... I would obsess over them and wouldn't be able to enjoy them.

    I have two "small" ones over my kitchen sink. It was a blank wall and needed something. They are stainless from Ikea. I love them and they are perfect there- but I don't think I could have a whole kitchen of open shelving!


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