Steal my Heart

Architect lamps are the best. They are modern and simple. They bring an industrial feel to any space- my favorite style. So when I was searching Flickr for one and this popped up, I gasped joy.

{ via flickr }

It is amazing. The mass of all the lamps has a dark edge, but a mechanical one too. I think it would be even more dramatic with white lamps. Anyone that visits my house knows I like them since I have 3 within 10 ft. of each other. 

{ in the office }

{ in the living room }

I go for Ikea's version for 1 reason- cheap! For $8.99 I have a useful light that I can modify with a little Krylon and not feel bad if it falls apart in a year. They are such a great lamp that can move anywhere and light up anything. You must try one, really, you'll like it.


  1. I love those orange lamps! We're looking for lamps for the bedside tables and even though we have kind of similar lamps in the office I'd love to get something like this. And you really can't beat Ikea prices!

  2. I'm a big fan of these lamps too. Have you seen that crazy freestanding one that bends in a million places? Gorgeous but very pricey.


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