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As the Georgia sun heats up, I can't help but think about summer vacation- only 15 days away! I also can't help but think about how blazing the sun is on our back porch. The front porch on our craftsman style home is shady and a perfect spot for breakfast or a glance at a magazine. But the back porch is not covered except for our umbrella and is in direct sun almost all day. The husband and I have been talking about the possibility of building a pergola. I'm not a big fan of the European style ones with the ornate wood-carved edges. I like simple-duh, and clean lines. 

We are thinking of a pergola similar to this one, but may put the slats on a 45 degree angle.

I like the modern feel of this one.

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I would also like to add curtains like these from Pottery Barn to add softness and even more privacy- from our porch we are in view of 8 of our neighbors, I like them, but it's a bit much.

{ courtesy of PotteryBarn.com }

When we get a sketch I'll share but until then I would like to be lounging under this one...

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